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Iona Beach Engagement Photography // Josh & Taylor

Welcome to our sweet little beach stroll, love me some Iona Beach!! This place is a childhood classic for my siblings and me. We spent hours running along the driftwood filled sand; climbing in and around the many driftwood forts; and occasionally finding a very large rodent skeleton and a washed up coconut. Good times to be had all around.

Cuties at the beach! Taylor and Josh are two wonderful people and Josh tells me “I’m a nerd, for Taylor.” Whaaaaat, I’m here blubbering, my heart can’t take the cuteness. Enjoy our little afternoon of dancing, jumping, hugging, and cheek pinching <3

We had no fun at all.

Little bit of dancing.

YEAH HELLO! Josh & Taylor if you’re reading this, you’re friggen adorable.

How amazing are those mountains??

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