Lisa and Pablo // Barn up the Hill + Kalamalka Lake Wedding Photography

This is Lisa & Pablo’s third wedding, to each other, in the span of a year. Part 1 was a legal ceremony in Madrid where they lived.
Part 2, a Spanish celebration with Pablo’s family.
Part 3, they made it to Canada for the last + biggest party of the 3!!

Lisa and Pablo have one of those unexpected, inspiring rom-com stories that really inspire you and fill you with JOY.

Most girls don’t imagine meeting the love of their life on Tinder, & Pablo certainly didn’t think he’d find the love of his life after his friends bugged him to sign up for Tinder where he accidentally “super-liked” the Canadian girl looking to make friends in Spain to learn Spanish while she spent the year teaching English.

After a couple weeks of messaging, they went for a walk in Madrid, the conversation + connection flowed. To put it in their own words, “Pablo thought Lisa was fun, but a bit odd. She climbed trees on public streets and skipped around, laughed all the time and seemed to not be embarrassed by anything—nothing like your typical Spanish girl...”

Turns out Pablo fell in love with this “slightly odd” Canadian girl and sealed the final deal in Vernon BC at Barn up the Hill, on a day that called for the biggest storm of the summer but turned out to be the loveliest + warmest sunshiniest day in the Okanagan.

When your maid of honour can’t be there, FaceTime to the rescue!

First look in the gardens at the Castle at Swan Lake.

We jumped in the car and drove around + pulled over wherever we wanted. We found some epic views of Kalamalka Lake in all its blue glory so Lisa & Pablo could take how and show some epic BC views to their family in Madrid.

Love the courtyard at Barn up the Hill for everyone to hang out and mingle!

Venue: Barn up the Hill
Bride’s Dress: Bliss Bridal
Groom’s Suit: Massimo Dutti
DJ: Jerry Birkenstock
Video: Bailey Burdick
Catering: Breakfast Club Catering
Coordinator: Pam Grimm

If you are planning a wedding at Barn up the Hill or Kalamalka lake in Vernon and need romantic, documentary, timeless, and fun photography, send me a message! I would love to chat with you, use the contact form at the top or email me at (:

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