oh hello! Nice to meet you!

I really love creating art + documenting stories that fill your own personal history book (they usually call them wedding albums). I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of your wedding day, or documenting your growing family, so thank you for being here and checking out my work and what kind of shenanigans I'm in to.

Here are 9 things that are exciting to me: sushi; real film; watching youtube on 1.75 speed; thrifting; rock climbing; matcha green tea; cooking + eating plant based foods; white t-shirts; houseplants; and grocery shopping!

If you're into the enneagram, I'm a 9W8, and boyyoboy, I have been known for my 8 to really show up sometimes. This basically means, to my core, I'm a peacekeeper, but I also like to stir the pot sometimes. You gotta keep things interesting!

I deeply desire to create photographs that leave you with a feeling, a memory, or nostalgia. If you're interested in my photography to document your wedding, elopement, love story, or family, I would love to hear from you!

honest, documentary, intentional, &. timeless photography for love stories all around the okanagan + beyond.

Hi, hello (: I'm so happy you ended up here.

My name is Danika — here's a little bit about who I am + how I photograph love stories.

my goal is to document your wedding + love story in a way that will let you remember not only what it looked like, but how it felt.

when I'm not photographing your love story, here are a few places you might find me & my film camera (: