Jadon & Tessa Cuddle Sesh // Portraits at Home in Kelowna

Jadon & Tessa are the kind of people that you can accidentally spill coffee on at church then they invite you over for dinner after realizing you live in the same apartment building. Our friendship basically meant to be. We’re so glad these goofballs made the big move from Ontario, we love hanging out with them and I think they feel the same about us.

Here’s what a cozy Saturday afternoon look’s at Jadon and Tessa’s apartment in Kelowna, their first home together. Heads up, there’s a decent amount of PDA, and I can tell you 100% it’s all them, and I knew this day would be freaking cute and easy breezy beautiful because they’re just as cuddly in real life.

Couples who wear ripped jeans together stay together.

There is never a shortage of laughter in the Vakharia/Kubanek household.

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